At Nurture Wellbeing we teach massage techniques providing you with a life skill.

It is important to note that there are significant differences between massage for adults and massage for infants. Much more than simple stroking, baby massage involves interpreting and responding to an infant’s body language, enabling infants to successfully communicate their need for, or their rejection, of touch.  Infant massage empowers parents and care givers through confidence and peace of mind – knowing that they themselves can do something that is a great benefit for their child.

Parents who learn massage techniques are generally more confident in handling their baby, are more receptive to their child’s wants and needs and tend to be more content within themselves.  This is purely from knowing that they have something to offer their child, at a time when they can often feel helpless or overwhelmed.

Classes are taught by fully accredited Infant Massage Instructors by IMIS (Infant Massage Information Services). Your instructor will demonstrate infant massage techniques on a doll, parents then observe the demonstrated techniques being taught and practice on their own child or a doll in preparation for babies arrival.

Age range for classes is newborn through to 12 months although, though techniques taught can be continued at home well into school years. 

Attendees will be provided with a certificate on completion and access to Nurture Wellbeing’s Private Online Facebook Group, where you can stay connected, receive tips, parenting advice, seminar’s, events, discounts, latest news, meet new friends and provide support to one another.

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