With Father’s Day approaching this month I thought it was a good time to talk about Dad’s.

Parenting can be tough and being a Dad has a whole set of challenges that may never have been considered. While the mother’s role is clearly defined the father’s role is more fluid and evolving with many Dad’s wondering how they can be involved and what to do.

It was only a generation or so back that Dad’s were the breadwinner and disciplinarian. A Dad present at the birth would never had been considered and nappy changing or bathing would have been uncommon. Now only a generation on and with constantly moving goal posts Dads are working hard at trying to figure out what is the new normal.

The journey into fatherhood for some men can be a little rocky, with their knowledge of fathering and the expectations of their partner and society sometimes at odds. Fatherhood is hopefully a time of great joy and a love that you never thought possible.

Infant massage is such a lovely way for a Dad and their baby to bond. Not only does it enhance emotional attachment but also helps the Dad to gain confidence in handling and caring for their baby.

So, to all Dads this is a time to reflect and acknowledge the great job you are doing.  Take the time to love and nurture you baby. Let your partner know how you are going and to the Mums give your partners the space to father. Grow together, learn, laugh and love on this amazing journey that is parenthood!

Wild Lace Wellbeing offers father only Introduction classes. An ideal way for new fathers to connect with other’s who wish to find new ways to connect with their baby. Of course, father’s are welcome to attend our more regular Introduction and Instruction classes.

Need more information?

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