Did you know hand gestures can tell you what a baby is thinking?

Many parents believe their baby’s first word is the most important milestone in learning to speak, but research by language experts has revealed that simple behaviours – such as holding up objects to show or share – are just as important.

Learning what a baby’s first gestures mean helps parents understand what their children are interested in.

Research demonstrates that babies may be doing more to communicate than many of us usually assume, and at an earlier age. Until now, most studies have focused on an infant pointing with their index finger, which they usually start dong around 10 to 12 months. A recent study involving three UK universities, targeted gestures seen before children are talking. These include an infant showing someone something, or following another person’s gaze to see what they are looking at. These signs had a direct effect on language development but unfortunately, they often goes undetected or are overlooked.   Talking to babies about the things they’re showing an interest in helps their language development.   So next time you are spending time with your baby, start a conversation, you never know where it will lead!