Have you heard of helicopter parenting? It seems to be the latest buzz word / phrase but what does it mean?

We all want you children to be safe – thats our job as parents. But is there a point where we cross the line from being cautious and caring to overprotective?

Parents are now able to buy knee pads for their newly mobile infant so they don’t hurt their knees when they begin to crawl and helmets for their toddlers so no damage is done when they fall. Is this too much?

You often hear the term helicopter parents  – in some respects we are all helicopters, it is just a matter whether you hover from a distance or close range.

It is no doubt a tricky area to navigate. We want to ensure our children are safe and avoid physical harm but we also often work hard at preventing our children from failing or disappointment. The reality is its really important for our children to learn that when they fall they need to get back up and try again. Life if not free of failure, sadness and disappointment.

Children need to know how to cope with all these inevitabilities and the best place to learn is within the nurturing loving home environment.  Allowing children to feel sad but reassuring them all is ok, acknowledging their failure and encouraging them to try again is far healthier then preventing them from experiencing emotions or failure.  This builds confidence, self esteem and strength which are the foundations for growing strong resilient teenagers and adults.

It has been suggested we should be more like submarines – floating in the background just out of sight, but there when needed!  So whether you hover or float the important thing in to ensure your children know you love them and are there for them, but far enough away for them to spread their little wings and fly.

What are your thoughts on helicopter parenting?

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