Be warned: these bite-sized treats are super moreish….

Raw cookie dough is usually something we avoid. We know that we’re not meant to eat it due to salmonella, E. coli etc that come from raw egg, but I know some people do it anyway. It’s just so delicious with its thick, chewy texture and delightful choc-chip clusters!

Well here’s some fantastic news…you can eat as much of this cookie dough by Teak and Thyme, as you like without giving yourself food poisoning.

How? It’s eggless! For extra nutritional benefit, it’s made with almond flour rather than raw white flour too – bonus!

To make the dough even more delicious, cover the balls in melted chocolate and sprinkle with flakes of salt.

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites – Teak & Thyme (

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