Originally a book series by author Lauren Child and translated into a tv-show, Charlie and Lola is a¬†delightful cartoon. The stories and characters are charming and funny. It’s a great show for parents and kids to watch together and can inspire not only laughter, but also creative projects based on the wonderful collage-like animation.

Full of positive messages. Charlie and Lola tackle small, everyday issues like trying new food, homesickness or being honest. Topics that children will find relatable.

Charlie’s level-headedness and practical, yet creative way of persuading his little sister to see things in a fair manner always leads to fun sequences filled with child-like imagination and imagery. Lola’s innocence, determination and sweet temperament is a great contrast.

So why am I writing about a book / tv-show? The characters have a lovely sibling relationship which may seem like a pipe dream to many but to some degree may be possible.

If you have attended a baby massage class you will know that pheromones play a large part in bonding with our babies and others.

Bonding expert, Dr. Laura Markham, has advised that babies heads give off pheromones and while we inhale them, we fall in love and begin to feel protective. The more your older child snuggles their new sibling, the better their relationship is likely to be.

So, if you have older children encourage them to get involved with their new little sister or brother (under supervision). With luck, you too could help them form a positive relationship for life…..just like Charlie and Lola.

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