The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is taking place this year with HRH Queen Elizabeth becoming the first Australian Monarch to celebrate 70 years of service.

Major event dates commence this weekend (6th) with 70th anniversary of the accession of The Queen, Queen’s Coronation (2 June) and the Jubilee (2-5 June).

This is a historic and significant occasion in our countries history and I am very excited that we will be able to witness and participate in this historic moment and share this with our children.

Around the world, portraits of the Queen have become synonymous with the traditions of the British monarchy, however she is much more than this. For a woman who was never destined to be Queen she has stepped up and excelled

Her Majesty the Queen is such a positive and strong female role model who is a constant and reassuring presence for Great Britain and the Commonwealth. She executes her duties with a steadfast belief in public service and duty and she does it all with an unshakeable grace that has characterised her reign.

That is why this year is important. It represents a chance to acknowledge her formidable commitment to her people – all over the world. It is a commitment that is respected by world leaders, politicians and by people who are struck by her extraordinary dedication and commitment.

Her Majesty has worked tirelessly to support all her Prime Ministers and to build strong working relationships with countless foreign Heads of State and leaders of the Commonwealth nations. Working with many charities and foundations, she is well placed to facilitate positive change in culture, the arts, heritage, design and technology throughout the 14 Commonwealth Realms.

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022:

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