Today I’m writing about a topic that holds a significant place in the imagination of generations of Australians, Play School.

Produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and first airing 18 July 1966, it is the longest running children’s program on Australian TV and the second longest running children’s show worldwide!

If you’re thinking Sesame Street is the longest running you would be wrong (Play School started 3 years before Sesame Street), a British show called Blue Peter which first aired 1958 is the longest running.

Since 1966 the program has been produced continuously and in 2016 Play School celebrates 50 years on the air.  Throughout the month of July the ABC is holding a month of celebrations with documentaries, celebrity covers of children’s’ songs and a new toy, Joey, joining the ranks of the many loved characters.

The National Museum of Australia and the ABC have arranged a travelling exhibition Happy Birthday Play School.  If you’re interested in taking the kids or just going for a nostalgia hit you can find out more about the exhibition and tour dates on the National Museum website.