It’s easy to join in the festivities this Valentine’s Day and show your other half just how much you love and appreciate her.

I have come up with a range of gifts for pregnant, brand new and experienced mums. Whatever stage of motherhood, treat her with a special gift that says I love you.

So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to spoil her!

Valentines Gifts for Expectant Mums

Pregnancy is a very exciting time for a new mum. The gift of conceiving and growing a child inside can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful. Help her to enjoy this time gifting her with memories, pampering and products that will help her feel loved.

1. Photo shoot: Present her with a photo shoot voucher. She may choose to capture her pregnancy or save it until the birth. Whatever she decides a photo shoot (by yourself or a professional) is a wonderful way to begin recording and capturing memories.

2. Prenatal massage: With pregnancy comes aches and pains and sometimes stress. A prenatal massage is a wonderful gift that will not only feel great but will help to relax and de-stress her.

3. Maternity pillow: A maternity pillow (or less expensive L-shape pillow) is a thoughtful gift that can be used long after she is pregnant.

During pregnancy it will help aid in the quality of her sleep by supporting her growing baby belly in bed. She will also be able to use it once baby is born for support while breastfeeding.

4. Pamper pack: Create a cute basket full of her favourite beauty products. Include pregnancy friendly bath oils, soaps, moisturisers, hand creams, lip balms, perfume, chocolate and even a new DVD. Pure night in bliss!

5. Heat pack: A beautiful wheat filled or lavender heat pack will be a welcomed gift to help soothe those pregnancy aches and pains.

Valentines Gifts for New Mums

Your precious baby has arrived and your lives have been turned upside down – sound familiar? Rest assured, things do improve. You may be too tired to go out just now but there are plenty of thoughtful acts that will help her feel loved.

1. Photo Album:A beautifully bound Photo Album is a great thoughtful gift. She will treasure the album for years to come as she adds special memories that record the growth and development of your child together.

2. Baby Massage Class: Being a new mum can sometimes seem an endless cycle of feeding and changing nappies. Baby massage gives her (and you) a time to relax, receive support, gain confidence and simply be together! Baby Massage increases parent and baby bonding, helps with postnatal depression and there are lots of wonderful benefits for baby too.

3. Shopping:Take her shopping. After nine months of pregnancy she will be in desperate need of some new clothes that fit. A new wardrobe will put the spring back into her step!

4. Jewellery: A beautifully piece of jewellery is always wonderful to receive. Consider birthstones or the name of your child when selecting a piece that will have lasting meaning.

5. Spa voucher: We all love to be pampered! A couple of hours at the spa does wonders for the mind and body. Although it may be hard to convince her, some time away from baby will provide a much needed time-out and she will feel like a new woman and look great too!

6. Sleepwear: Beautiful, soft, luxurious sleepwear is a treat. Select nursing friendly nightwear and choose something she would love rather than something you would love to see her in. With new mums, comfort wins every time.

7. Dressing Gown: A luxurious dressing gown is a fabulous gift for any new mum. A beautiful gown will help her to feel warm and snuggly during those long nights of feeding.

Valentines Gifts for Mum

Your baby is all grown up into a toddler or perhaps older! The days of pre-children are long ago memories but life is richer with your children in your life. It is easier now to get-out or simply enjoy a night in. Whatever you choose, time together is important. Your relationship will love you! 

1. Make her dinner:Simple, but effective. 

Coming home to a home cooked meal will warm her heart.  She will appreciate the time and effort you have put into making her dinner.

2. Help out with the housework: Bringing in the washing, emptying the dishwasher are all wonderful ways to put a smile on her face and it will not cost a cent. It may even set the scene for some couple time later that evening.

3. Chocolates: We all love chocolates. Indulge her and splurge on a box of handmade chocolates. This special treat is sure to put you in her good books. She may even share them with you!

4. Voucher:A voucher to her favourite clothing, shoe or jewellery store will be welcomed.  This way she can pick out something herself. What girl doesn’t love to shop!

5. Flowers:An oldie but a goody.  Flowers will win every time. 

Think outside the square.  Roses are nice, but a beautiful exotic bunch of flowers or a potted plant says you have thought about it. A unique gift for a unique woman.

6. Date night:A planned evening out to a nice restaurant and a movie is a lovely way to reconnect and share quality time together.

If going out is out of the budget our you don’t have access to baby sitters, a simple home cooked meal and a movie on the couch is great too.

7. Weekend away: If a weekend away is not out of your budget then this is sure to be a pleaser.

Surprise her with a planned weekend away with or without the kids. Quality couple time without the kids (early to bed kiddo!) will help to remind you why you feel in love with each other all those years ago.  

8. A card:A heartfelt note that says how much you love her will bring a smile to her face.  Words are important and we often forget to tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us.

Think carefully about what you write and do not rely solely on the printed message in the card to say how much you love her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!